Online Application Manager is specially designed to manage online application forms. Its implementation may be treated as a complete replacement of omr application forms or manual application forms. But still, managing online forms has its own merits in the direction of data accuracy as the forms are filled by the candidates themselves. However, the submission of online application form may sometimes be accompanied by the payment of fees either by the credit card or use of bank draft. This system is quite useful to candidates while they are applying online for job recruitment, matrimonial registration or to appear for an examination.
How the system works
Online Application Manager is installed in web server. The application is linked to a web-based database. The home page of the application is accessed from the web server by the use of a link given to the home page from the client's website. Useful instructions and related links are available from the index page of the application which assists a person to fill-up the application form online. After successful submission of an application form, the applicant is requested to print the acknowledgement card, that contains the application number along with other necessary details. Online Application Manager is integrated with Application Manager by the use of Twin Accelerator. Verification of bank draft, validation of data, eligibility criteria is managed by Application Manager in local server. After all check-ups, Roll number or ID number is allotted to the applicant and updated data is again uploaded to web server by using Twin Accelerator.Various tasks such as online submission of career marks, printing of online admit cards, online rank cards etc are managed by the application.
The following picture shows an interface of Online Application manager to submit an online application form

Advantages of Online Application Management system

  • The software is only installed in web server and is not required to install in number of machines; there by decreasing the maintenance of the software.
  • Instructions are available on the form-page. When the candidate is filling up the application form, he/she can instantly look at these guidelines; there by making less mistakes.
  • Every control on the form-page is passed through validations. So if an applicant does not fill the mandatory fields on the application form, it will show an error message on the click of the 'submit' button.
  • Data is entered by the applicant. Hence, computer operators or end users are not required to enter data from the application form. This speeds up data processing.
  • Applicants fill up the form on their own accord. This avoids rush for purchasing application forms in counters of specific colleges or banks.
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