Mobile SMS Pro is a general purpose software and is used to send various information through sms. It can be used to send various wishes, reminders, congratulations etc through sms. The user can create different contact groups. The software has an in-built database to store names and mobile numbers of different persons under various contact groups. The software sends single and bulk sms through gateway for which no device or modem is required.
Target users
It is a general purpose software and can be used in any field where sms is a convenient way to pass information to people. For example, it can be used by an insurance sector to send reminders for premium deposits or in a shopping mall to let the customer know what he/she had previously ordered to purchase. It can be used by a school to send students' attendance, exam marks etc to the concerned parents or by an automobile service centre to thank the customer for visiting the service station again in future. Moreover, the software with its built-in sms system creates an awareness of hi-tech technology while at the same time binds the customer in a friendly relationship. Hence the software can be used by schools, colleges, shopping malls, retail outlets, textile showrooms, furniture showrooms, fashion shops, automobile sales ans service centres, insurance sectors and anywhere in this world.
Technical specifications
  • No device, modem or mobile is required to send sms.
  • Sms is sent through gateway for which internet connection is required.
  • Sms is received from the 'SENDER' name and not from any mobile or landline number.
  • Sender name registration has lifetime validity and you won't have to renew year by year.
  • Sms account is opened once and has lifetime validity. If your sms balance is zero for a prolonged period, it will never expire.
  • If you don't add sms to your account for a prolonged period, the balance will remain constant and no amount shall be deducted from your account.
  • All prepaid sms has lifetime validity and don't have any expiry date.
  • Each local, std and international sms costs you 36 paise.
Integration with Tutorial Manager 8.0/9.0/9.5 or Optical Marl Pro 9.0
Mobile SMS Pro is integrated with Tutorial Manager or Optical Mark Pro. Users of these softwares can directly send students' marks to their (or their parents') mobiles through sms with the help of a single click.
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