Optimizing software quality with Microsys
Software quality management is more than defect repair. 1t is a pro-active,
closed-loop software fitness program supporting continual integration of role players and steps
in the quality process. The Microsys's quality management solution provides a full set of software
delivery process guidelines,best practices and integrated team tools.

About Supports

Clients experience the power of our vertical organization. As a business, Microsys
delivers innovation that matters for our clients. As a global enterprise, we value innovation that
matters for our company and for the world. Microsys's corporate citizenship reflects both our brand.
We are always here to serve you the best...

We provide technical support both onsite as well as online on demand of our clients.
We have even the upgradation suppport for the existing clients to the latest version of our products.
Our more IT services
Microsys IT Services will help you manage costs, improve performance and focus
on core business needs.Outsourcing your IT services to Novell takes the stress out of IT
management. Microsys IT Services can maximize your return on investment, improve the performance
and agility of your systems and enhance your productivity.
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