TM Web Pro is specially designed for students, parents and customers to access reports and information online. It is in fact an extended plug-in module which is added to Tutorial Manager 9.0 or its higher version. As Tutorial Manager makes all transactions in local server, hence various reports and information are accessible only to users who operate the software in a local area network. But, have you ever thought of giving facilities to students or their parents to see exam results, mark-sheets, progress reports, library books, fees details etc by sitting at home with an Internet access. Tm Web Pro solves this problem instantly by giving permission to students, parents or customers to access various useful reports in Internet by logging in through their user-name and password. If a user wants to change his/her password, he can do it on the login page. If a user forgets his/her password, he/she can contact the server administrator by sending a request. Both the database and application of Tm Web Pro are installed in web server and the application runs on web by addressing to the proper URL. The database of Tm Web Pro is updated by using Upload Acclerator that uploads data from the local server to the web server.
How the system works
Tm Web Pro is installed in web server. The application is linked to a web-based database. The home page of the application is accessed from the web server by the use of a link given to the home page from the client's website. Useful instructions and related links are available from the index page of the application which assists a person to carry out numerous tasks and access various reports. Once the user supplies proper user-name and password, the main page opens where various links are available to access useful reports. With the help of Upload Accelerator, Tm Web Pro can be linked to Tutorial Manager, Library Manager, Fees Structure Collecta etc. Students and parents have different user-names and passwords so that individual security is properly maintained.
The following picture shows the login page of Tm Web Pro

Advantages of Online Application Management system

  • The software is only installed in web server and is not required to install in number of machines; there by decreasing the maintenance of the software.
  • Instructions are available on the login-page. When a user supplies the correct user-name and password, he/she is successfully logged in and taken to the main page where he/she can access various reports and information.
  • Tm Web Pro generates an e-automation system. A student can access his/her exam result, mark-sheet, progress report, fees details, attendance etc by sitting at home.
  • Data is fully secured A particular user can access reports available in his/her own domain. Reports related to other users can not be accessed.
  • The interface and guidelines are designed in such a way that a layman can use it.
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