Twin Accelerator is designed to manage download and upload activities between Application Manager and Online Application Manager. It is in fact a tool that creates an interface in local machine to transfer data between the local server and the corresponding web server. It identifies each record from its application number which is the primary key in both local database and online database. It has no other activity than transfer of data between two databases placed at two different locations. This tool can also be used to transfer data between two local databases or two web databases or between one local database and one web database. When a new application form is submitted online, its application number (and nothing else) is shown in the interface to download. Twin Accelerator is generally implemented as a control panel to be used by the administrator only.
How the system works
Twin Accelerator has connections to two different databases. These two databases are usually placed in two different servers. Each database has its own username and password. Username, password and path of the database server are specified in Twin Accelerator. The application manages all upload and download activities in one interface. Twin Accelerator establishes a path to flow data between Online Application Managerand Application Manager. Verification of bank draft, validation of data, eligibility criteria is managed by Application Manager in local server. After all check-ups, Roll number or ID number is allotted to the applicant and updated data is again uploaded to web server by using Twin Accelerator. Again, if any modification is made by th applicant, it is changed in web database and Twin Accelerator downloads this record to local database. Time interval can be set to upload and download data automatically.
The following picture shows an interface of Twin Accelerator to enable upload and download functions
The following picture shows an interface of Twin Accelerator that displays all application numbers to download
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