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All data, documents, products and pictures displayed in this website are meant for spreading information only. However, neither Microsys nor any of its allied partners give any guarantee as to the completeness or accuracy of the information contained here in. Hence we are not responsible for any of the mishaps, consequences or damages arising out of use of these information in any type of activities like software development, SMS communication, scanning of OMR sheets, evaluation of answer sheets or publication of exam results.
Optical Mark Pro 9.0
A high speed OMR soft-ware for entrance tests...

Tutorial Manager 9.0
A specific purpose OMR software for tutorials...

Application Manager
An OMR approach to pro-cess application forms...

An innovative OMR software to process student feedback forms with sophisticated performance reports...
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A new way of taking students attendance through OMR technology...
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An SMS software with sender name facility that communicates your ideas globally...
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Complete web portal to conduct your exam online...
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Complete Library management software enhanced with full bar code support... More Information

Complete software to access mark-sheets and progress reports online... More Information

Complete software to manage student's fees structure...
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Complete control panel to upload data from TM to TM Web Pro...
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Complete control panel to download data from web-operated database...
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Complete web service to manage online application forms...
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Complete software for management of student's attendance in classes...
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Products Of Microsys
  Optical Mark Pro 9.0  
It is extensively useful to various public or entrance examinations where number of candidates is absolutely high. It is compatible with a number of ADF scanners those are capable of scanning more than 2500 omr sheets per hour. It is supported by user-friendly analysis-based reports. It can be integrated with the Application Manager so that printing of admit cards, allotment of roll numbers, allotment of centres and despatch of admit cards can be automatic. Further details, send your query at
  Tutorial Manager 9.0  

It has been developed keeping in view the requirements of various Tutorials, Coaching centres, Academic Institutes and Colleges. Tutorial Manager combines best of the features of an OMR software with those required for conducting an examination. It is neither scanner nor design specific. Rather, it supports any design of OMR sheet and any model of flatbed or ADF scanner. It works on OMR technology accompanied by automatic jitter correction and supports nine different patterns of exams to be conducted simultaneously on same database. The design and printing of answer sheets have been made more attractive than its earlier versions. Ranking on priority basis has been customised so as to allow different Institutes/ Colleges to carry out any pattern of examination and arrange them on desired priority.

  Application Manager 4.0  
This package is developed keeping in view the requirements of various public/entrance examinations where number of applicants is very high and duration of time is very short. Application forms are printed on OMR sheets with various fields such as candidate's name, father's name, date of birth, post applied for etc. Space is available on the OMR sheet for specifying self-address and pasting candidate's passport size photograph. The package reads data from the OMR sheet through a scanning device and adds record to a database that is distributed over a networked environment.Various tasks such as-allotment of roll numbers, centres and despatch of admit cards are the responsibility of the package.
  Quality Evaluation 4.0  
This package is popularly known as Students' feedback software or Teacher evaluation software. This a system adopted in most private engineering/medical colleges where students' feedback to a teacher's performance level is honoured by the college management. The software is an OMR implementation of the tasks required for the processing of feedback forms and generation of confidential reports.
  Attendance Manager 4.0  
This is a package to take attendance of students in different classes through implementation of OMR technology. Though the idea sounds complete new, it is easier to use and cheaper to implement than other devices available. One OMR sheet with roll numbers of 50 students can be used for an entire month. It has specifications for making marks for holidays and absentees on a working day. It is capable of creating various reports which are not only eye catching but also highly informative.
  Library Manager 9.0  
This package is developed for a user-friendly computerization of a full library system. It provides all features that are needed for a library. It maintains a stock of all the books, magazines, journals, newspapers etc of a library in a well arranged shelf system and categorizes individual items to differents classifications. Its built-in functionality combined with a multi-user bar code system makes issue and return of books in a way that is even easier than clicking a mouse or hitting a key. It maintains a well furnished catalogue of individual categories and sub-categories while at the same time keeps a track of all issued, returned, unreturned, lost, damaged and mostly wanted items. An enhancement tool is available to make various reports and notices available through the Internet.
  Mobile SMS Pro  
OMR software extracts and processes data from OMR sheets or forms. These data are usually stored in a well defined database. Sometimes, various information such as exam results, toppers of an exam, various notices are required to be quickly circulated among the students. Mobile SMS Pro directly extracts data from an OMR database and sentd to the concerned student or his/her parent over short message service (sms) and becomes immediately accessible in their mobiles. This software sends messages in one way and from a particular sender name as required by the user of the software.
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